Welcome to our REALITY

We are an organization that works on improving your brand reach and quality. While we may not work on your product or service, we work on ensuring that you are reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time!

I.Everywhere, the word, begins with I.E. In English, “i.e” stands for “that is”, it is an explainer, a communicator… which is what we are for your brand. You see, we believe in using every positive of your business and brand to further your message through any medium that would be relavant.

Are we a digital marketing agency? NO! We are a marketing and branding agency that also offers digital marketing services that help you in a structured and strategized manner.

Do we only depend on online marketing services? NO! We also look into offline marketing, BTL outreach and other strategies like behavioural corporate training, employee personality development, and employee brand embassadorship programs to make your brand have a better reach and visibility.

Do we offer Global Marketing and Branding Services? Absolutely! Whether you want to build your brand at a local, national or global level, we are capable of making sure you get the results that we have promised you.

Founder & CEO

Rashida Khilawala is more of the chief head monkey at I.Everywhere Intellectual Branding. A boss that focuses on learning and improvement of her team, Rashida is a guide and a mentor that runs the company. Yes, the writer of this content is Rashida!

Coming from confused yet creative beginning, I have ensured that I tried out the different industries and job roles there were. Writing was always my passion, and I believe that my experience has made me a more engaging and passionate writer. From working as a Franchisee Manager for an educational institution, to being a freelance Page 3 journalist, to being a research writer, to being an administrator for a hobby studio, to starting my own business, I have seen quite the journey… and learnt a lot more!

You can check out my professional profile here.